Welcome. The Mission of National Structured Funding™ is to become a leader in the Structured Settlement industry by placing the customer's needs first and by giving them the highest quote and lump-sum payment possible. This is achieved by maintaining a low overhead without spending millions of dollars on television and a vast staff like other companies. By maintaining low overhead, those savings are passed to our customers who will ultimately receive higher lump-sum payouts. By treating our customers how we would like to be treated, we receive referrals and that is the best form of advertising we could ask for. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn!

  • No case is too large for us to handle. We work with smaller five-figure cases up to multi-million dollar cases. No sales people on staff. You speak with only principals of the company.

We Facilitate the Purchase of:

  • Structured Settlements that are generated by lawsuits that include, but are not limited to: Injuries, all accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, bad drugs, work-related, and all other settlements generated by lawsuits in the United States;
  • Fixed Annuities: National Structured Funding™ will guarantee to pay you above Surrender Value, which is more than what the insurance company will pay. Call your insurance company for the Surrender Value in writing. Then, call us. We will beat it. Our competition will not tell you this.
    *Guarantee applies only if the Fixed Annuity qualifies to buy. Each case is reviewed.
  • Life Contingent (non-guaranteed) Cases that no other company wants to handle. Payments start in the future? We are uniquely qualified to work Life Contingent (non-guaranteed) cases;
  • Royalty Payments that are paying monthly, quarterly, annually or deferred into the future;
  • Royalty Payments for example can be from Movies and Music. The income streams we buy can be monthly, quarterly or annualized payments paid through a creative union such as ASCAP or BMI and other sources;
  • Structured Settlements from Estates. If you have recently lost a loved one and have a structured settlement and would like to receive a large lump-sum payment, please give us a call;
  • State Lottery Payments - all 50 States;
  • Many other income streams are considered like Mineral Rights of sole proprietors, etc.;
  • We get you more money. Please don't make a decision until you talk to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Agents: Call us for a better opportunity. Unique, court-ordered cash flows. Our Agents are successful top CPAs, Accountants, Independent Insurance Agents, Former Wall Street Executives or Principals, Retired Stock Brokers, Retired Bond Brokers, Retired Mortgage Loan Officers, Retired Bank Officers, Personal Injury Attorneys, Retired Financial Advisors or Planners, Retired Sales Executives, Bankers, or other retired financial professionals. Call us or use the Agent Inquiry Form in the Services section. Top agents may consider building their own sales organization or downline.
  • Individual and Institutional Buyers: If you or your institution has interest in exploring the addition of structured settlement income streams to your or your buyer's portfolio for diversification purposes, please call us or email us. See Contact section.

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